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Website Design and Development

So you’ve been throwing things at a once-decent template for years and now it looks bad. Your content is unorganized, and you don’t love directing people to the site. You may even feel embarrassed to.

We get it. The common wisdom says that all you need is a WordPress template and a lot of content. Not quite.

Your potential clients, community, and sponsors are savvier than ever. Your web presence plays a huge part in how they see you. It’s how they get clear on what you do and decide if they’ll engage with you. Users are quick to back out of websites that are slow, dated, and weighed down.

To top it off, Google penalizes sites that aren’t mobile-friendly, are sluggish, and unoptimized for users and search engine bots alike.

We build user-focused, search bot friendly websites for clients looking to make a big impact. These aren’t templates; they’re fully custom websites.

Web Application Development

When a simple website won't cut it.

A web application is a souped-up website. Think of highly responsive e-commerce sites like Amazon and massive services like Netflix; those are web applications. Need a CMS or e-commerce solution? We've got you covered there, too.

If you need to build something complex that responds to user actions and connects to a data source, you probably need a web application. And you're in luck; these babies are our bread and butter.

Nerd speak ahead. Scroll on if it's not your thing.We speak JS and PHP fluently. Most of our work has been with frameworks like React, and Vue and Laravel, too, but we can pick up anything. Back-ends are usually built with Node or PHP, but each project is unique. We'll do an evaluation to find the best solution for your project.

Workflow Automation & Tooling

Everyone just loves spreadsheets until you’re buried in them for a full day every time you need to pull a couple of numbers. Stringing together a series of just okay software is quick and easy until it becomes a burden. Sound familiar?

Time spent doing low-value tasks could be directed to work that directly supports your mission. If most of your time is spent trying to keep things straight or trick your existing software into working for you, it may be time to take an in-depth look at your workflow.

Workflow consultations are all about looking at your processes. Together, we evaluate what's not working about them and find better longterm solutions. This may be as simple as upgrading your existing workflow, investing in better software, or building a custom, internal tool.

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