Case Study



Working prototype for PlanEats, the highly customizable meal-planning, recipe-storing, shop-assisting, meal preparation companion.

Remote, international team of 4

Project Goal:

  • We wanted to create a meal planning tool that would allow planning, creating, shopping, and recipe discovery all in one app.
  • Users needed to be able to easily add custom meals to a calendar and be able to find and save new recipes easily.


  • In addition to defining user requirements for the app's core components, I was the system design architect. I met with the team to understand each of our wants and needs for the app. We then decided on the core features of the prototype and created a design roadmap.


  • I developed meal planning, recipe creation and view, and meal creation features for the application. These features allowed a user to add their own recipes to our database, easily view their recipe when cooking, and create easily repeatable meals in the app
  • Tech: We built the app with React and Node/Express using styled components and tools like React Helmet and Sequelize.

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