Deepika Narayan Digital

Case Study


Deepika Narayan Digital

Technical SEO Expert

Phoenix, AZ

Project Goal:

Deepika is an experienced SEO consultant who was getting ready to launch her services as a freelance consultant. Her goals were to create a landing page that showcased her experience, introduce her to potential clients, and provided a place where they could contact here. 


  • At our first meeting, I sat down with Deepika to get to know her and find out more about her experience. I discovered that her SEO work was unique. She'd worked with huge names in various industries, which meant that the details of numbers and results could not be advertised publicly.
  • Once I understood her experience, I showed her a dozen or so website samples to get an idea of the style, layouts, and colors that appealed to her.


  • I focused on highlighting her experience as a technical SEO consultant. I wanted potential clients to understand that her work is data and strategy-driven, not about quick hacks.
  • I wrote the site copy to emphasis her technical and analytics-based approach.
  • To speak to her previous work, we also showcased testimonials from her past clients.
  • Tech: The website is lighting fast, built with Gatsby, React Helmet, and Sass.

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