Hemp Wraps

Case Study


Hemp Wraps

An education and review site for hemp wrapping papers.

Tempe, AZ

Project Goal:

  • I worked in-house with the team as they prepared to launch an educational hemp wrap site. They identified hemp wraps as a product that would increase in popularity and wanted to both drive to the site and keep users interested.
  • I also helped with bug fixes in their main site's codebase while creating the Hemp Wraps site.


  • I worked closely with the company's leadership to nail down their needs and vision for the site. To capture interest from users and hemp wrap retailers, decided that the site would feature reviews and a featured section for retailers. User accounts were implemented to create a "leaderboard" showing who was most active in the community.


  • I integrated a review platform to allow users to leave reviews, comments, and ratings. Custom functionality was created for a user ranking system that allows users to follow each other.
  • Tech: The Hemp Wraps site was built using Wordpress as the team was already using and familiar with it.

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