Brit standing outside in front of a flower bush

Hi! Brit, founder and ship captain of Starlight Global, here.

My passion is for helping purpose-driven folks, businesses, and organizations reach their people. I founded Starlight Global to provide innovative solutions to the people this world most needs. Purpose-driven organizations are the most likely to neglect their online presence, hurting all of us in the long run. We need the thing you do, and we need everyone to know about it!

I've worked almost exclusively for non-profits of all sizes since graduating college eight years ago. Passionate, visionary leaders have always been in my orbit. My life as a multi-passionate, multi-hyphenate creator has taken me on a unique journey. I'm a writer, engineer, and spiritual practitioner. People often have a reaction to this, but everything I do is about either creativity or connectivity. I've been coding since I was a GeoCities and NeoPets obsessed kid, and writing since I could make words with a pencil.

When you work with me, I partner with you to deeply understand your goals before prescribing a solution. Your goals become my goals. I'm here to help you achieve the objective you've set for your project.


Let's Make Magic

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We occupy stolen O'odham land in what is now called Phoenix, Arizona. We bow in honor and respect to the O'odham people.